WorkplaceBuzz prides itself on the quality of its team. Collectively we possess serious qualifications and huge experience in organisational psychology, business development and leadership, survey design and statistical analysis, consultancy and HR talent management.

Dr. Mark Slaski
Senior Psychologist & Founder

Mark is a chartered Psychologist who for the past two decades has worked with organisations across the globe designing and delivering leadership development, one-to-one coaching and team transformation. His greatest asset is his depth of knowledge and insight into human psychology and performance. His greatest skill is his ability to communicate his expertise to help people and organisations achieve greater success. Mark believes that to fully unlock the talent of any business requires leaders at every level to create engaging workplaces for their people.

Mark is also a senior lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire teaching on the Masters programme and undertaking research in Organisational Psychology. He has presented at many international conferences and published numerous articles on Emotional Intelligence and Workplace Engagement. He is author of Equaliser©, a globally used online survey and toolkit for developing Engagement.

Peter Cowan
Head of Operations & Founder

Peter worked for a number of years managing different businesses primarily in the Technology sector around the World. Having seen first-hand both the benefits that an engaged workforce can bring to an organisation and the damage that can be done when employee engagement is ignored, Peter is now a passionate advocate for Workplace Engagement.

Peter believes that having team members invest their ‘emotional capital’ into an enterprise is the key to successful performance.

Peter is a strong business leader with a special skill in project leadership and communication. His expert knowledge in all things technical is invaluable in implementing first-class assessment services, and his depth of leadership experience provides essential insights and opportunities for our clients.

Rachel Willer
Business Development Executive

Rachel has over 10 years’ experience of working within businesses offering world-class diagnostic tools within the HR and Learning and Development sector.

A talent for customer service as well as understanding the needs of an organisation when it comes to practice of feedback and planning Rachel brings a depth of knowledge in her role as Business Development Assistant to the Workplace Buzz team.

Rachel believes that the tools exist to support all employees to be more engaged in their workplace.

Flora McDonald
Senior Consultant

Flora has worked as a consultant for over 10-years, and is highly experienced in designing large scale and global surveys. She is practiced in analysis and gaining strategic insights from research data. A first-class project manager Flora’s greatest talent is her ability to quickly understand client issues and to apply her knowledge and creativity to design innovative and engaging solutions that really make a difference.

Prior to working with WorkplaceBuzz she spent 8-years as a senior consultant with one of the leading global consultancies building a wealth of experience in areas such as:
 team development, executive coaching, organisational assessment and change management.

Flora believes a strong understanding Client issues is the only way to achieve successful outcomes.

John Hurley
Design Director

After working for several Graphic Design Agencies in London and the Midlands, John went freelance and has been working on the freelance circuit for 15 years+. This has afforded him excellent problem solving skills with great technical ability combined with a thorough knowledge of applications for delivery on-time and within budget constraints.

He has a proven background working with branding point-of-sale and retail, packaging, advertising, brochures, flyers and direct mail, even producing style-sheeted templates and efficient workflows. He is also proficient in high end retouching and manipulation of images, artwork generation and an eye for detail. His greatest assets are the creativity, reliability & delivery of his work.

He has helped develop our brand consistency, improved workflows and implemented many of our corporate communications. We consider him to be our very own ‘Brand’ ambassador and graphic design guru.

Michelle Owen
Research Executive

Originally trained as a linguist, Michelle has worked for a variety of leading Research consultancies and specialises in contextual analysis. She leads our efforts in ensuring consistent analysis of the non-structured data collected using the Equaliser© toolkit and mining the insight that lies therein. Michelle believes passionately that “the answer is out there” if we just listen to what people say and think.

Ali Reardon
Senior Consultant

Ali is a chartered Occupational Psychologist with over 20 years experience in consultancy. In her previous career Ali was an Associate Director in the Market Research industry where she led many employee related research projects, developing skills in project design, questionnaire development and analysis, always seeking to understand the story behind the data.

Ali is also an accredited Executive Coach and was previously Head of Coaching for Right Management UK & Ireland, coaching up to board level and across a broad range of sectors.

Ali believes that people communicate at many levels and to truly understand what is being said you need to be fully present and listen.

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