Our process journey

The WorkplaceBuzz Process

Whether it’s a quick fix or a longer-term shift in work culture, partnering with WorkplaceBuzz is the first step towards creating a truly successful business. The Human Capital Intelligence we deliver provides new and refreshing insights into how your organisation works today and how it can become more effective in the future.



Creating a Partnership

At Workplace Buzz we believe change comes through partnership. We understand the critical importance of confidence, trust and integrity in building a partner relationship with our clients. We listen and learn at every opportunity. Our goal is to exceed your expectations whenever we can.

In the Beginning…

It may sound obvious, but the key to a truly successful survey is to really understand what it is you want to find out. Our initial set-up meeting clarifies the aims of the project and the questions that need answering. Our aim is to develop an in-depth knowledge of your organisation ensuring we deliver the insights and intelligence you need to make effective decisions.

Building your Survey

Rule one – build with the results in mind.

Together we create a survey that will capture the voice of your people and deliver optimum intelligence regarding the unique aims and challenges of your business. All our surveys are built around our Equaliser© assessment measuring the factors of Workplace Engagement. In addition we design the custom element that seeks to explore the more practical realities of delivering your business objectives.

Leveraging Technology

At WorkplaceBuzz we use the latest technology to ensure maximum efficiency and security for our clients. Surveys are simple and straightforward to complete. Intelligence is usually collected on-line and entirely managed by our expert technicians. Each client is further provided with a web-based dashboard for continued analysis of their results.

Reporting & Communicating

The critical factor in reporting results is not only communicating what they say, but more importantly what they mean. All data is handled by our in-house experts trained in research analysis, the aim to benchmark and identify the ‘black holes and bright sparks’.  Through further discussion with our clients we build a 3-D Roadmap of the organisation’s strengths and vulnerabilities.

Planning for Action

The survey results will form the foundation for real and effective change, and we’ll help you digest what the findings mean for your business. Using our “provocative thoughts and critical conversations” methodology, we’ll work with you on creating solutions to build a better place to work and more successful business.


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